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Afghan flourishes even when you don't know how to properly grow marijuana plants. Under-fertilize, over-fertilize, under or over-water, this plant will still thrive. It is resistant to pests. You can even plant it and forget about it until harvest time.

There are many other advantages to the afghan strain. It is high in THC crystals, providing a soothing buzz. There are plenty of facts listed here all about afghan seeds and how to purchase some for yourself.

Buy afghan marijuana seeds from seedwriters, we ship discreetly. We use stealth techniques to package your seeds so they will typically make it to you, even if the package is inspected.

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Afghan Seeds

Name: Afghan
Yield: 400 / 500(g)
Height: Small
Flower: Short (45 - 55 days)
Weather: Warm
THC: High
Regular/Feminized: Regular
Growing: Both
Medically Used: Yes
Strain: Indica

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