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Blueberry weed seeds are a huge hit among many. This seed is known for its fruity flavor and extremely colorful purple-ish buds. Also Blueberry weed seeds are popular because of its High THC levels and it amazing smoke. Not only is this seed great for recreational use this seed is also great for medically reasons, it is mostly used for anxiety and pain relief due to its high THC levels.

Also this seed can be grown both indoors as well as outdoors, and these seeds produce a very high yield. All around Blueberry pot Seeds are a great seed to have, Buy these amazing seeds right here right now! Discreet shipping right to your door. Have you been looking for blueberry weed seeds that have the right genetics? Then your in luck. Every blueberry weed seed that you buy comes from Amsterdam seed banks waiting to fulfill your order. So many seeds and so little time. Check out seed flavors for all of there cannabis seeds.

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Blueberry Seeds

Name: Blueberry
Yield: 500 / 650(g)
Height: Small
Flower: Average (55 - 65 days)
Weather: Sunny
THC: High
Regular/Feminized: Hybrid
Growing: Both
Medically Used: No
Strain: Mix

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