Looking for a seed that will give you only female plants, well we have the perfect seed for you. Feminized seeds produce female plants which allows faster production and an amazing quantity of a variety of strains. Due to the fact they these plants will be without male plants, the strains are more likely to have a better quality. This seeds are a great buy.

Marijuana seeds that are feminized are likely to product since only female seeds will bud.

Question: What are feminized cannabis seeds? Answer: Feminized seeds are designed to only produce female plants. The reason people are interested in only feminized seeds is because the female plants are the plants that produce the buds.

Question: What are some benefits of feminized seeds? Answer: Feminized seeds have a lot of benefits for example they help reduce the space and the germination process. This is because when you grow standard seeds you have to germinate up to double your amount of plants, this is because you will have to remove all the male plants. So when you buy feminized seeds this takes that whole process out, and leaves you with nothing but feminized seeds that are ready to mature.

Question: Will feminized seeds automatically flower? Answer: No, they will bud but you will have to set up the correct grow cycle.

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