Jack Herer

The best jack herer seeds around are right here in front of you. So many cannabis growers search the internet for good pot seeds with real strain. Here you can rest assure knowing your getting real genetics for strains your really looking for. When you place a order Amsterdam seed banks fulfill it and ship it right to you. You will also like to know they use discreet shipping so pesky neighbors wont know a thing. Try jack herer seeds today and see what all the hype is about.

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Name: Jack Herer
Yield: 400 / 500(g)
Size: Very Tall
Grow Time: Long (65 - 75 days)
Weather: Warm
THC: High
Regular/Feminized: Feminized
Growing Area: Outdoor
Medically Used: Yes
Gene Type: Hybride

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Customer Service: Canada, Australia, USA CA: Other Strains

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