Lowryder 2

Put these amazing work of genetics in your cart today! Lowryder 2 is a insanely easy cannabis strain to grow. A lot of noobie growers tend to pick some of these guys up. Once new growers feel comfortable with the out come of lowryder 2 seeds its time to move up. Don't feel silly if your new. Even veteran green thumbs like growing many of these at one. As this strain doesn't need much care. Not only that it takes less time, water and money to grow these guys. So how about it?

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Name: Lowryder 2
Yield: 405 / 505(g)
Size: High plant
Grow Time: Average (56 - 67 days)
Weather: Sunny
THC: Medium
Regular/Feminized: Regular
Growing Area: Both
Medically Used: No
Gene Type: Hybrid

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