Northern Lights

Northern Light seeds are a fabulous indoor seed and it is very popular. It has a very high flower to leaf ratio, good yields, and very good THC production. The smoke has a very neutral flavor. Northern Lights is a good smoke to have the buds are beautiful. Try Northern Lights seeds today we offer fast discreet shipping worldwide. These cannabis seeds are a top seller on our site. You will get high quality genetics straight from Amsterdam seed banks waiting to take your order. Thousands of legal growers come to this site a month to get the best seeds. Not only are they getting amazing strains like northern lights seeds. They are also getting really fast & discreet shipping right to their door. Start browsing our selection of cannabis strains ranging from northern lights seeds to OG kush. Find the right cannabis seeds for you today!

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Name: Northern Lights
Yield: 500 / 600(g)
Size: Small
Grow Time: Average (55 - 65 days)
Weather: Sunny
THC: High
Regular/Feminized: Regular
Growing Area: Indoor
Medically Used: No
Gene Type: Indica

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